What is 3moji?

3moji is my attempt at creating a 3D Emoji library. The website is a current work in progress as are the Emoji themselves, but they are both slowly getting better every day. The current plan is to try to create a whole set of Emoji first and then focus on perfecting them after. I’m still in the make them all phase.

You can see the progress I’ve made so far by heading over to the categories page or search for a specific Emoji on the home page. If you want more info, or are interested in the project then contact me here!

3moji Usage πŸ’…

🎨 NonCommercial Use:

The Emoji are licensed under CC-BY-NC. You can use them for any NonCommercial projects as long as you include credit to 3moji.org!

πŸ’Έ Commercial Use:

I want people to use the Emoji, so if you have a cool use case that is commercial please drop me an email. Chances are I’m on board with what you want to make, and we can talk through licensing.

Contact me here at info@3moji.org.

Β© 2022 Jeremy Edelblut