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These Emoji are free to use under CCโ€‘BYโ€‘SA. If you're interested in the project feel free to contact me at info@3moji.org.

Smileys & Emotions

grinning face
grinning face with big eyes
grinning face with smiling eyes
beaming face with smiling eyes
grinning squinting face
grinning face with sweat
rolling on the floor laughing
face with tears of joy
slightly smiling face
upside-down face
winking face
smiling face with smiling eyes
smiling face with halo
smiling face with hearts
smiling face with heart-eyes
face blowing a kiss
kissing face
smiling face
kissing face with closed eyes
kissing face with smiling eyes
smiling face with tear
face savoring food
face with tongue
winking face with tongue
zany face
squinting face with tongue
money-mouth face
hugging face
face with hand over mouth
shushing face
thinking face
zipper-mouth face
face with raised eyebrow
neutral face
expressionless face
face without mouth
face in clouds
smirking face
unamused face
face with rolling eyes
grimacing face
face exhaling
lying face
relieved face
pensive face
sleepy face
drooling face
sleeping face
face with medical mask
face with thermometer
face with head-bandage
nauseated face
face vomiting
sneezing face
hot face
cold face
woozy face
knocked-out face
face with spiral eyes
exploding head
cowboy hat face
partying face
disguised face
smiling face with sunglasses
nerd face
face with monocle
confused face
worried face
slightly frowning face
frowning face
face with open mouth
hushed face
astonished face
flushed face
pleading face
frowning face with open mouth
anguished face
fearful face
anxious face with sweat
sad but relieved face
crying face
loudly crying face
face screaming in fear
confounded face
persevering face
disappointed face
downcast face with sweat
weary face
tired face
yawning face
face with steam from nose
pouting face
angry face
face with symbols on mouth
smiling face with horns
angry face with horns
skull and crossbones
pile of poo
clown face
alien monster
grinning cat
grinning cat with smiling eyes
cat with tears of joy
smiling cat with heart-eyes
cat with wry smile
kissing cat
weary cat
crying cat
pouting cat
see-no-evil monkey
hear-no-evil monkey
speak-no-evil monkey
kiss mark
love letter
heart with arrow
heart with ribbon
sparkling heart
growing heart
beating heart
revolving hearts
two hearts
heart decoration
heart exclamation
broken heart
heart on fire
mending heart
red heart
orange heart
yellow heart
green heart
blue heart
purple heart
brown heart
black heart
white heart
hundred points
anger symbol
sweat droplets
dashing away
speech balloon
eye in speech bubble
left speech bubble
right anger bubble
thought balloon
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